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Silicone Electrodes for TDCS

Silicone Electrodes for TDCS

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Silicone electrodes for use in TDCS/tDCS neuromodulation - contains 02 units

Sealed bag with 2 pieces

1. Good quality and compatible price
2. Reusable, easy to clean
3. Long-lasting
5. Electrode pads with pollution prevention, as well as odor and do not absorb toxins

02 Silicone Electrodes (01 pair)

Note; please use water or alcohol to make it wet, otherwise it won't work

Shape: round
Gray color
Material: silicone (High conductive medical silicone)
Size 3.6*5cm
Connector w/ 2.0mm(2.5) connection

Carbon dust + conductive sponge

Biocompatibility Hydrogel
Resistance 300-500 ohm

NOTE: This Kit is part of the TDCS Neuroeletrical equipment, models A-50, A-100 Plus, which can be purchased separately for perfect operation of the equipment.

This KIT can be adapted and used on other manufacturer models with 100% success.

**NOTE: Cables are not included**

Seller warranty: 3 months

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