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Discover our TDCS

Discover the TDCS Neuroelectrical, the device that combines innovation and comfort to transform your neurological treatment journey. Completely analogue and free from digital noise, it offers a current of 0 to 4 mA, ensuring maximum safety with output protection set at 4mA, regardless of the potentiometer adjustment.

Its electrode approach is the perfect size for specific areas of the brain and its real-time analog reading display provides a personalized experience, where each current pulse is adjusted according to your needs.

Experience the effectiveness and precision in each brain stimulation session, and transform your well-being with TDCS Neuroelectrical!

TDCS cap

The TDCS Cap is the most practical solution to facilitate the location of positioning points for tDCS/TDCS sessions.

The cap has the 21 EEG points most used during TDCS/tDCS sessions, optimizing your session in a quick and practical way.

Come and discover this new Neuroelectrical product and bring more assertive results to your sessions!

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Accessories for TDCS

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